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Custom Cable Assembly
  • Custom Cable Crafters can assemble any custom cable needed to satisfy your individual application.
Contract Manufacturing
  • Custom Cable Crafters and our associates can manufacture and/or assemble all of the components needed to produce a finished product or device that is ready for sale to your end consumer.
Kit Assembly
  • Custom Cable Crafters can group or package individual items together to create a special, single item for your specific needs.
Rack Assembly
  • Custom Cable Crafters can build, paint, and configure your selected server rack to your exact specifications and ship it to you.
High-Pot Testing
  • Custom Cable Crafters can apply a high stimulus AC or DC voltage (twice the line voltage plus 1000 volts) to your device, for a specified time period, in order to determine the safety status of its electrical insulation.
Premise Wiring
  • Custom Cable Crafters can install interior wiring to meet cat5e, cat6, or fiber optic standards from patch panel to user.